Summer Lovers

Recently overheard at a local rumshop:

SALTPRUNES: Boy, you ent find it too hot outside?
BOYSIE: Too hot? I doh complain bout heat.
SALTPRUNES: Nah Boy, I sweatin’ in de shower and all!
BOYSIE: Since you get your citizenship you real change, yes.

First thing’s first. I must sincerely apologize for missing the last two weeks of Rum Shop Chronicles. No, I wasn’t on summer holidays. I was swamped with jokey business. Though I did find out I have a new talent (falling asleep while standing up), the worst part of the whole equation was being stuck indoors, which reminded me that I haven’t truly enjoyed summer in a long time.

Sure, over the years I’ve gone out to a few summer BBQs and a couple of boat cruises. But that’s nothing compared to the fun I used to have in summer when I was younger. Back in the day when I had a full head of dougla-riffic curls, summer would roll around and I used to party and lime 25 hours a day/8 days a week, and still have time left over to practice the lost Indian martial art of Paratha (it’s all in how you roll your wrists).

I don’t know exactly at what point of adulthood some of us stop appreciating the summer, but I know it happens. Some people treat the whole summer season like a countdown to Labour Day weekend; others dismiss it as two and a half months that just happen to be hot. I’ve already heard more than a few people say they can’t wait until summer is over because they hate the construction and traffic congestion. If you’re one of those people, then let me be your ghost of summers past and remind you about the true spirit of summer.

I’m sure most of us remember that as schoolchildren, part of the joy of summer holidays was waiting for it to come. It was like the feeling you got waiting for that jolly old fat man in the red suit…no, not your drunk uncle that liked to sing songs from Indian movies…I meant Santa.

This may come across sounding a little suspect, but I enjoy watching kids have a good time for summer. Before you start dialing 911, let me explain. Kids enjoy summer way differently than adults do. They do so with wild abandon. Every day I watch kids at the park (put the phone down I live across the street from one). They play and play like they don’t have a job. Well I think we should too. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take-Summer-Back-From-Adulthood-Responsibilities.

Sometimes I think the older we get the more we tend to forget summer is a time to be free. Just because we aren’t all on holidays like school kids, doesn’t mean we can’t act like it. And if that doesn’t strike a chord, how about looking at it from a health perspective? You can fight the aging process by getting out there and getting your doses of Vitamin D and Vitamin F (that’s F for fun in case you were wondering).

Summer isn’t the same as all the other seasons. That’s why there are no “Here’s What I Did Over My Fall Holidays” school reports. So get out there! Forget that you have to work. Forget about the humidity, the traffic and the construction. Just enjoy.

I expect a full report at the end of August.

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