Summer Bits

I’m home in the day so obviously occasionally I’ll go on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe not as much as some but I like it. For all the real reasons one should. You get to stalk people semi anonomusly catch up with people see what out of country or city friends are doing. But that’s it…Facebook to me is wrong and not trying to dis the guy but how did we let a dude who was never part of any real “live” social network. He wasn’t the most popular guy in universe and didn’t even finish his degree. He became a billionaire before he could even enjoy being a millionaire. Money doesn’t exite him anymore. He’s doing shit now that makes news and it’s not even news. Mark Zuckerburg now only eats food he kills himself. And that made the news. That’s not news…that’s what farmers do everyday. I’m from a Caribbean island where people sell deliscious street food. Where you can get a Curry Goat or curry duck roti you think they bought that at the grocery. “Yes can you tell me where I can find the goat?” “Yeh man right next to de duck but before de oxtail.” Thank you sir”…No its people that kill what they cook.

It was news because he’s a billionaire. People are paid to suck his dick. I can’t prove it but I’d bet you that all the employees that work at Facebook for Zuckerburg all have semi plump lips in case he needs his dicked sucked. You know how I know everyone at his office does it. Because I don’t know one person that has ever liked any of the changes FB has ever made. Who okays all that Zuckerburg does. I’m sure who ever said no to the changes now works for Twitter. The person was probably sucking his dick then he ran the change by them they stopped sucking long enough to go nah. He fired them and before his dick got dry someone else was on it. “You know I eat what I kill???…I like that (give thumbs up) that feels good…(look at thumb and repeat…I like) HEY!!!?!!

You can’t just give people all that access and privilege. Somepeople have become

Don’t forget FB to involved…breaks relationhips up. People get caught cheating because some loser at the morrocan restaurant where you were with your side ting at creeping thinking no body I know will see me there. And the fool next to you is all hey everybody lets take a big picture for my birthday and I’ll put it on facebook and tag everybody. Your stupid ass gets booked. Now I said Morrocan rest and some ladies were like awwwww that’s so romantic. A tip ladies if your “man” who is a little thuggish or supposedly is all fire bun all batty boy takes you to all these obscure rest”s its not cuz he’s romantic its cause he trying not to get caught.
My friend was like “SO Ashley Madison” breaks up relationships too.” Yeah but at least Ashley Madison tries to be discreet. On FB haters will tag someone in a pic they got no business tagging you in.

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