Santa Summit

Really are complaining about they want equal rights

A room that is all christmasy and decorated in spirit of the season.

Santa calls meeting. They all think they are finally gonna get respect. While they are waiting they fire off a round of some of the things they are gonna demand amongst themselves. Eventually Santa strolls in late with Sinterklass who is very fashionable to say they are changing the Santa outfit. Or he strolls in with Canadian Designers to the stars…D Squared

Possible close out is Russell (Brown Santa) taking pics of outfit to bootleg as he refuses to pay full price for anything

Maybe they all have they’re own look and and real santa complains that people have been blogging/tweeting that Santa needs to step his fashion game up. So instead of letting everyone else wear what they want he brings in his people.
-possible blurry out of focus pics of Italian/greek santa in their clothes. He points it out.
Milk and cookies provided as refreshments
All the non white santas are upset because white santa gets all the good presents.

The other santas complain that they do as much work but he gets the glory and everyone thinks one santa delivers gifts in ne night. But its all of them.

-black santa, you think white santa can go into the hood through the window (no chimneys in the projects) with a giant sack of goodies and not get shot at…And where do you think he got Ho ho ho from…and do I get any credit…no no no

He gets all the elves and does nothing but abuse them. “Elf-ual harassment” With his same jokes “I’d like to thank all the little people that made Christmas possible”

-brown santa who’s uncle do you think he calls when he needs the hottest toys bootlegged…asian santa puts his hand up…no I meant my uncle.

Black, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Italian…north American
Indian Elf: How can somebody be late for they’re own meeting?

Indian Elf walks into another room

Black Elf: Yeah. How is it this guy can fly around the world in one night but he can never show up for a meeting on time?

Italian Elf: If dat ain’t the pot calling the kettle black?

Black Elf: I deliver gifts on December 27th one time and all of a sudden I’m the bad guy. I told you, I was detained by the authorities.

Greek Elf: You always think the police are out to get you.

Black Elf: You try explaining to cops why a black man with a sack of goodies is climbing through a window at 2 in the morning. They’re ain’t no chimneys in the hood.

AsianS: Calm down. Remember we are on the same side, he always gets us with the divide and conquer thing.

Indian Elf walks back in with tray of mugs and cookies.

IndianS: And to help us relax I brought over some Chai tea…

All Elves take a cookie and a mug and a sip of tea

ItalianS: mmmmmmm (then bites into cookie)

IndianS: And some homemade chutney chip cookies

All elves spit out cookies

GreekS: Do we even know what this meeting is about?

IndianS: Maybe it’s about not getting into an accident with the company sleighs.

AsianS: Hey that was one foggy Christmas eve, besides who puts a nativity scene on a roof?

BlackS: (whispering) White people

ItalianS: I don’t care what this meeting is about, alls I know is we elves deserve a little more “respect”.

GreekS: Yeah we deserve more…

ItalianS: Shaddap Nicola I’m talking here.

GreekS: It’s Nicolas. (goes off in greek mumblings)

Italian Elf: Well I’mma bust your Nicolas if you keep talkin’.

Asian Elf: We’re doing it again, we need to focus. We have real issues that we need the Big Man to address.

Greek Elf: Like we do all the work in the workshop and he gets all the credit. What do we want?!?

All Elves: RESPECT!!!

Indian Elf: And I’m tired of the short jokes. Every year the same old “I’d like to thank the little people that made this all possible”. What do we want?!?

All Elves: RESPECT!!!

Black Elf: I was the one that started Ho! Ho! Ho! After I saw these fine elves in tight stockings rocking some serious mistltoe. Do I get any credit? No! No! No! What do we want?!?

Black Elf: RESP…(gets cut off by Italian elf)

Italian Elf: Can we stay focused please.

Asian Elf: I agree, let’s promise to stick together no matter what Santa wants to see us for. This Christmas is going to be ours.

Off in the distance a hearty Ho Ho Ho is heard.
Santa walks in the room

Santa: Sorry I’m late guys I got caught up playing Angry Birds on the lap top.

Asian Elf: Santa we have something we all want to get off our chests.

Santa: Before you do I have a surprise for you guys for all the hard work over the years.

Elves: Awwwwwwwwwwww!

Santa: It’s a brand new vending machine filled with energy drinks for the workshop so you can stay up longer.

Elves mouths drop open

Santa: I know, I know no thanks needed, the look on your faces says it all. I’d love to stay but I gotta get back to Angry Birds I’m on a roll.

Santa hustles out.

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