Easy as 1, 2, 3D

Recently overheard at a local rumshop:

SALTPRUNES: Boy, why yuh doh get a new phone?
BOYSIE: Prunes my phone may be old but works just fine thank you.
SALTPRUNES: I’m sure, but you de only man that have a phone with a coinslot.

The future seems to be coming faster than it’s supposed to be. I’m not saying I prefer to be stuck in the past, but man what’s the hurry to have all the things we have now. The advancement of technology is great but at what cost?

I fought against wearing glasses for the longest while…yes even though I couldn’t see well. It wasn’t just because wearing glasses had the nerd “stigma” (you can’t spell astigmatism without stigma) attached to it but it’s just a hassle sometimes. Then 3D movies started popping up and in the beginning it was one here one there. Now it seems that every movie that comes out is in 3D. For the record certain types of movies really don’t need to be 3D like kids animated movies. I just went to see Lion King 3D with my son and as the movie was going on I thought there isn’t much difference to the original except I’m wearing fake glasses over my real glasses. Just speaking as a parent for one it’s tough enough to get my son to sit through a whole movie without any distractions then to add wearing glasses to that mix. I also don’t get encouraging kids who don’t need glasses to get “used” to wearing them. If it was an exercise to prove a point about the correlation of how not eating carrots leads to deteriorating eyesight maybe but it’s not. I also don’t need images of lions diving out the screen at my child only a few hours away from bedtime. Being awoken from a deep sleep to a child shouting, “Mufasa is coming to get me!” just ain’t worth the cinematic experience that is 3D.

I now move on from 3D to 4S, the Apple iPhone4S that is. I fully get that people need phones to communicate nowadays but how powerful do we need our cell phones to be? This week Apple revealed to the media the new iPhone 4S which is an upgrade of the recently released iPhone 4. Anybody remember when call display and call waiting was an upgrade? Is the iPhone4S a real upgrade or just Apple’s way of getting more money from people hooked on their products before they launch the “new and improved” Apple iPhone 5 in a few months?

Those who know me know I have a BlackBerry phone and may see this as me pledging my allegiance to the brand and trying to knock the competition. I’ll go as far as laying my cards on the table and say that my CrackBerry still has a trackball (yes you read that right) I haven’t upgraded to the newer models that now comes equipped with a “trackpad.” It’s so “outdated” that when cell phone snobs see it they act like I have a rotary cell phone. The main reason I haven’t upgraded is really just because my phone still works. I figure as long as I can hear the person on the other end say hello when I call or pick up that my phone is doing what it’s supposed to do. I don’t see the necessity to have my phone be a camera, a gps, a mini tv, a stereo or a pretend cigarette lighter (it’s an actual app). When Apple or BlackBerry launches a phone that can keep my house clean, keep gas prices down and cook dinner I will gladly upgrade. But until that time I’ll be the guy at the movies with fake glasses over my real ones waiting for the future to slow down…just a bit.

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