Cell Off

Recently overheard at a local rumshop:

SALTPRUNES: Boy, I feel yuh addicted tuh yuh cell phone yuh know.
BOYSIE: Dat is nonsense.
SALTPRUNES: Oh really, what kind of soap yuh does bathe with?

I was at a birthday pool party Saturday gone and witnessed the usual pool party antic of someone getting pushed into the pool. Now that’s no biggie as its part of the rules. Most people know that going to a pool party that you should take a change of clothes…just in case. But lets be real, that rule was invented when the only thing that got wet in that exchange was clothes, credit cards and money. So after everyone had moved on from the initial excitement of the pool dunking and gone back to their conversations, I noticed the guy in the pool emptying his pockets. After taking out the pocket staples of keys and a wallet, I saw him pull out his cell phone. The phone was (pardon the pun) dead in the water. At that moment I felt for him (actually I felt for my phone first to make sure it was safe in my pocket) then all I could think was, “Poor fella, it’s late Saturday, he won’t be able to get a replacement phone and reactivate it until sometime on Monday”. The coolest thing happened after that. He calmly climbed out the pool and I expected him to punch the person who pushed him in the pool in the eye. But, he put his phone down and dove back in the pool because it was a party. I found that so inspiring because I know I’ve had panic attacks when my battery has died and there wasn’t a charger in sight.

I know it’s not just me, but I really believe as people we have become way too addicted to our cell phones. Which makes me wonder if they call them cell phones because they imprison your soul…Tink Bout It. But seriously, I believe some people would rather have their car stolen than lose their phone. Gone are the days when all a phone was good for was to return a call. Now a cell phone isn’t just a cell phone anymore. Now it can make calls, send emails, take pictures, play music, surf the net, update your Facebook and do your taxes. A cell phone has gone from being just a phone to a member of your family.

Times have changed everybody has a cell phone from old old people all the way to young kids. The young kids thing I don’t get because I come from the days where I wasn’t even allowed to receive phone calls in my house after a certain hour, let alone have a phone in my room. If cell phones were around when I was a kid I can totally hear the answer I would have gotten from my parents if I only dreamed of asking them to buy me a phone. “Lemme get dis straight. You who cyant even wipe yuh bottom properly want me to buy you a cell phone? Chile move from here before ah hit yuh a slap to cure dat stchupiditis disease yuh seem tuh catch from yuh friends!”

This article was not meant to come across as judgmental. I just want us to take back the power from our phones. It’s bad enough that “social networking websites” have actually ruined social networking (that’s another Rumshop Chronicles in itself). But if you have ever Bbm’ed (can’t believe that’s a term) while physically talking to someone, tried to text and drive (please stop if you do) or check your phone periodically just to see if you’ve missed a call- then you have a problem. I just wanted to put it out there because the first step in curing a problem is first admitting you have one.

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