A Mother’s Love


Recently overheard at a local rumshop:

SALTPRUNES: Boy, what tuh buy mih muddah for muddah’s day?
BOYSIE: For all de tears I cause mine, ah takin’ her to de Comedy Clash.
SALTPRUNES: Trinidad vs Jamaica Comedy Clash…Boy yous a genius.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I am not saying this just to suck up and score points, but if it were up to me mothers would get a whole month. Actually, in retrospect one day is more practical because if moms weren’t around for a month the world would shut down. Yes I’m saying it. Fathers (myself included) are not too bright.

Fathers think looking after the kids is an easy job (just feed them ice cream and cake until mommy gets home and everything will be cool. Besides if anything goes wrong, just call mom). Now, that might work for the first two days or so, but if mothers were gone for a month (that statement just sent shivers down my spine), we fathers would be crying right along with our children by the end of the first week. Mother’s hold the family together.

As far back as I can remember I have had a mom. Not just any mom, but a West Indian mom. I’m not saying that a West Indian mom is better than anyone else’s mom, but I know that they are a different breed altogether. Most West Indian mothers knew how to multitask before the word was even invented. For my mother multitasking meant yelling at you, cutting yuh tail, then rubbing the very same bumsee that she just swell up, all while cooking and on the phone with your auntie (who was probably doing the same thing on the other line).

The other interesting thing about West Indian mothers is that they are apparently born with the unique ability to completely and unapologetically shame you in public. Growing up I have seen countless of my friends have their playground social status crushed with the simple appearance of their mother in a house coat, those pink fluffy curlers in her hair and the familiar cry, “Chile if you doh find yuh tail back home right now…” (and here comes the kicker) “… I am going to embarrass yuh in front of yuh friends!” Good thing cell phones weren’t around then because I’m almost certain your aunt would be on the other line while the action was going down.

But even through all the embarrassing times, the saying really is true: there IS nothing like a mother’s love. You see moms also have the unique ability to be proud of absolutely everything you do no matter what – good or bad, big or small, dumb or dumber. She will continue to love you forever and ever.

So to ALL the mothers out there… I hope your day is as special and wonderful as you are. And if any of you out there still don’t know what to get your mother, bring her to the Trinidad vs. Jamaica Mother’s Day Comedy Clash. And give her the perfect gift… The gift of laughter.

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